Merge multiple MAC-addresses to one device



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    👋 Anyone from Fing care to provide an update? This has been open for 14 months now and is the highest-voted feature request on the list by far. Thanks.
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    Hi All, 
    thanks for your votes. I have passed on all of your votes to our Product and development team for review. As soon as there is an update for this feature, I will update you all. thanks again and keep voting.
    Robin (Admin at Fing)
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    Even better would be if the Fing app told you the type of connection associated with a particular MAC address. We have music speakers with both Ethernet and WiFi NIC MAC addresses. It would be a huge improvement to know how the speakers are connecting. At this point we cannot tell from the Fing app which type of connection is associated with which MAC address for troubleshooting connections. These are headless devices and the speakers' Android app does not provide much information.
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