Is there a voice command to send a Wake On Lan packet via Fing?

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I work in IT. Naturally I'm too lazy to walk over to my pc to turn it on, so usually I do it via a Wake on Lan packet.
I'd like to be able to do it with a voice command, and I'm currently exploring my options. That landed me here. I don't seem to find a way to do much with the fing app via voice commands. Is it possible to send a Wake on Lan packet by talking to fing via the Google Assistant? If so, how?


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    Hi @MrMarty77, and a welcome to a fellow IT worker.  Follow this link for a list of commands you can do with the Google Assistant and a FingBox...  Note the requirements for a Fingbox.  Not sure if you have one but its needed to get the functionality.  Regretfully, wake on LAN is not listed as a voice command option.  Now Fing does support IFTTT so maybe you can do what your looking for via it?  You will also need a Fingbox though.  
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    Thanks @Marc and @MrMarty77 - you can also request new features over here.

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