Phone hacked - what to do?

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    Hey Pooh I have a question. My gf had got hacked with her first phone. I believe maybe it was through some kid app or email. Her screen started moving with out her. Her settings would get changed. She would get unknown phone calls from different numbers. She could see other people’s messages. She could see different encryption. We would talk about something and a message would pop up asking us about it. They stole photos. My girlfriend I know at one point We were going crazy over this. It’s pretty much ruined our relationship. She keeps accusing me and I have bought her 3 phones and it’s still doing it. She has changed all passwords and email. Apple ID.. please help what could this be?

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    Hi @Slim81 and @Pooh I've moved this thread over to a new discussion! 

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    @Slim81, I think at this point your best bet is a visit to the Apple Genius Bar.  
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    Sounds like a bad app. Do a complete reinstall and don't install any new apps. Then install apps one by one. Install am app, wait a day, install another app, wait a day.

    You can probably bulk install apps from reputable companies (Google, Microsoft, Amazon) as it's unlikely someone got ahold of their Digital Signing key (if you did somehow manage to call the FBI and hire a lawyer because you're about to become famous).

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    Thanks for the feedback @Crowgrandfather and @Marc

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    I agree that she should visit the Apple Genius Bar. If she doesn’t have an Apple, she should try to have the phone cleaned and restored professionally in whatever way the phone manufacturer suggests. She should NOTdownloald apps unless it’s through the Apple store (I downloaded Norton onto my Apple iPhone following Norton’s instructions, and because the hacker had guessed my password, this gave the hacker a way to get into my phone). She needs to become very familiar with all of her phone settings and check them regularly. Ultimately, I bought a new iPhone from Apple even though the phone I had was only a year old.
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    Im having similar  problem with my cell phone. I cant prove that its my wife but everything on the surface is made to look normal but on the settings and the apps everything looks like. Im monitoring myself remotely. I dont know what to do or what to look for. I found somekind of Vpn set up on my phone. I dont know but i think my phone is under some kind of mobile device management.
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