What is a Quantenna topaz model number QV840.432 on my network, randomly?

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I think my husband has something to do with it and it might just be shady?

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    Hello @JO808, and welcome to the community!

    That sounds like it's a wireless router. When you say it's "on your network" - are you using a Fingbox or you just using the app? I ask because if you're seeing it with the Fingbox then it might be on the digital fence. If you're seeing it with the app then you're viewing the network itself.

    Here's the product page for it: http://www.quantenna.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/QV840-V3.4.pdf
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    I don't have a fingbox. It also says it's a UpNP Access Point. This makes me nervous 😔 It appears then seems to disappear randomly? So, since I don't have a Fingbox, you believe it's just a "normal" part of the network?

    Thanks for your time! 😊

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    Sorry, so it's part of my router? lol. Sorry for my ignorance 🤦🏼‍♀️

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    @JO808 it could be part of your router then as @Pooh advised these are wireless routers. 
    Definitely if using the only Fing App - this device is on your network.
    With Fingbox, it can also detect nearby devices - which aren't a part of your network yet! 

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    I know it's been a few months since this thread but do you have DirecTV with the newer Genie2 server?  If so "Quantenna/Topaz" most likely is the built-in Wireless Access Point that would serve the Wireless Mini receivers you might have.
    It's what I have found in my own network.
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