when a device my fing app inventory, receives new DHCP IP, how do I get entry with New IP to update?

kkettel Member Posts: 1
Currently, when a device on my inventory receives a new IP, the name I typed in for that device stays with the old IP, and therefore is inaccurate. I was using the unregistered version of app, but have since created an account with the ios based app.   Do I have any options for having the device entries I create (Nickname, additional name, etc.), move in the list with the actual hardware entry from a new IP address? I use my inventory in part as a way to know the IP of the specific device I want to communicate with, and Fing looked promising until new IP's were handed out over time.

I realize I can manually delete the inventory device and rescan, but I need to then also manually type in my custom name. Thinking there is a setting I am overlooking that does what I want?

Thanks in advance for your advice.