Interesting thought in helping identify burglars

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As someone involved in investigating burglaries amongst other offences I have often wondered

CCTV footage will often capture people breaking into their property but surely Fingbox will also capture the MAC address of anyone in its proximity

Criminals often take phones with them and sometimes leave them behind (thanks)) but would be very interested if anyone has sadly been burgled but been able to offer the police any information from Fing that helped a case

i appreciate police would have to have the phone but it would help place it at the scene at the material time



  • VioletChepil
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    Yes, this could be an interesting use if the MAC address can be seen (not an Apple device)! Anyone have experience with this?
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    It would probably be useless as would be circumstantial. It might tie it to a phone but you'd need further evidence to confirm the suspect had their phone with them when they committed the offence. They could have lost it and found it again later or lent it to that notorious fictional bloke down the pub whose name they don't know. 
    It might be handy if AI robots were to start committing burglaries though provided they have a MAC address!
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    Also beware that MAC addresses can be faked or spoofed. So their usage in a legal case would be very questionable.