What is your favorite feature of the Fing App.

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My favourite feature(s) of the fing app is the ability to see all the different devices on your network and their corresponding IP and MAC Address



  • Jon
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    knowing when my neighbour is home and I can pick up all my Amazon parcels

  • VioletChepil
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    @Jon that is a good one! I guess you are having the Fingbox for that use case? That's a new use case for me too but I'm going to use it. Since I'm always getting things delivered next door! :D I try my best to avoid but its inevitable it seems.  

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  • Hronos
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    The notifications when a "user" has "arrived" or "leave" are priceless!
    When my mother gets out and back, I can know she is fine, when my sister and/or nephews arrive on visit I can know when I am at work and get home quickly (or buy something to share with them).
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  • Marc
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    Just being able to find the IP address of one of the 30 something DHCP devices on my network is feature enough for me..   :smiley:
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  • adam
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    Making it more difficult for the kids to access the Internet after bedtime ;)

  • Crowgrandfather
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    My favorite feature is just the simple list of devices. I'll check network logs and go "I wonder what device made these logs". Fing is my go to app to identify what device was on that IP address.

  • Amr
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    Family members Arriving/Leaving home is a great feature and helps is automating a lot of geofencing stuff!

  • Ang
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    I have been using the Internet Speed Test as a comparison tool to other measures of speed within networks, so it’s a toss up, as the general list of devices helps me immensely too and is the main draw for me to Fing. 
  • Cablefarm
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    That’s right on presence/absence notification of family members.  Just amazing and reassuring to know that they’re all safe home after an outing.