Chinese Tech - Security?

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Like the @Gidster, I'm a huge fan of Chinese Tech. The Xiaomi Band for instance gives me all the functionality I need, for a fraction of the price of a Garmin or suchlike, all without all the charging problems and shenanigans if the latter.

My question is, does anyone else with about the data collection in the light of recent security concerns?



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    Let's hear what others think on this @Luca . Promoted this thread to the homepage! 

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    @Luca there is a niggling doubt at the back of my mind. No doubt it's driven by the frenzy of the anti-Huawei hype right now (not sure I believe there is anything to that more than trade-war sabre-rattling).
    But it's not enough to make me walk away from a bargain. And are we sure any major power is above this sort of behaviour.
    I'd certainly avoid any solution that relies on a Chinese cloud platform - like an ip-camera say
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    Agreed I used a number of the cheap devices, like the Yi home camera's and do wonder what they they are collecting.  My hope is there servers are not large enough to store all of everyone's data but it doesn't stop it being analysed to the n'th degree.  Maybe a future update of fingbox would be able to provide some alerts on unusual or certain types of traffic being sent.  This is especially useful to ensure that google home and alexa are not sending information out when they have not been commanded to which is a whole other issue!
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    The biggest discussion with chinese gear really seems to be between Huawei and US gear lately.  I guess it comes down to who do you trust and who do you want looking at all your network traffic - a communist dictatorship or a right wing oligarchy/plutocracy  So far it is only US gear like cisco that has known proven backdoors, some injected by their NSA, so if you trust the americans with your data go right ahead (hard ask these days under Trump).  I personally don't trust that the US is working in our best interests any more, The chinese has potential for the same but none have been discovered/proven yet, there were some poor programming issues that could lead to security problems, but they are fixing and improving all the time, and the price is always a lot better. I'd be inclined to use chinese gear at this point. For most people it is probably of little significance as their data is not important enough to be of any concern with regard to who is inspecting it.