How can i tell if there is spy camera in or around my house

How can i tell if there is a spy camera in our around my house


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    Hello @Mudcat02 and welcome to the community!

    Are you asking if there’s one attached to your network, or if there’s just one generally around?

    If it’s the latter then I fear you may be out of luck. The former is significantly easier to do.

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    First you should familiarize yourself with the products out there. they will either use wifi, cellular, or for short range applications, some weird frequency around 900mhz or maybe in the 2.4ghz spectrum. Those are hard to discover without using a spectrum analyzer like Wi-Spy, and those arent cheap! However, most nutty stalkers are cheap and lazy and they'lll prolly get something that sets up its own hotspot that you can connect to with a phone app. If they paid for a LTE device, ugh, good luck, but you could snifff that out with a HackRF too. But theh real threat comes from 'inside the house'! in the form of  your cell phone! if someone had access to it they could install  spyware and you conveniently  carry it with you. 
    Keep your eyes peeled for usb chargers in the wall- those might not even broadcast. But I think your question was more about things actually on your network, so just run your scans and look for any new devices that you cant trace to a device you own. They often have ports 80 and 443 open for their web interface, and well as whatever port `motion` and `rtsp` run on. those are network streams, not web sites.