Devices disconnection

Hello Everybody, Is it possible to disconnect a device from my router during a certain period of time?



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    @Alessandro_72 , do you have a fingbox?  The Fingbox can block a recognized device on demand, though not via a schedule.  As a workaround, you can block a user during a certain scheduled time so in theory you could assign a device you wish to block to a user, block that users and hence have it blocked along with the user.  If you have no Fingbox, there are some routers that support this so you would need to check your routers manual to see if the feature exists. 
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    @Alessandro_72 - you can definitely do that with Fingbox.
    If you can provide further details about your set-up we could help further. (Router and whether you have Fingbox). 
    Also if any others have other suggestions for blocking devices, feel free to share! 

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