Ability to rate local ISPs other than our own?

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I'm not quite sure if this would be a good or bad change. It'd certainly be good if people don't abuse it. ;-)

I mean, many of us know the pros and cons of our surrounding ISPs, that's why we picked 1. (one)

We had to make a choice at one point, some of us even tried multiple internet providers... I know my review (of IPS I'm not currently using but is being used in my area or I used it in the past.) would be informative and unbiased, but we, humans, are a strange kind. Some would certainly abuse that feature just to rank low anything other than the one they're using. :-(

If it can be solved somehow (maybe do approval of such reviews and see whether they're bringing something useful / informative for the community) maybe it'd be useful to be able to rate other ISPs in your area?

What do you think?



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    Let's hear what others have to say on this one. I am interested. @Carlo_from_Fing and @marco_from_fing feel free to add anything about this too! 
    Have you also checked out the new Outage Alerts site? @FingLoverhttps://app.fing.io/internet 

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    @FingLover definitely something that has been discussed in the past. Right now, we aim to be conservative, and allow to rate an ISP at the end of speed test (or your ISP if you have Fingbox) to ensure it's been reasonably tested and not just hearsay. Amazon had similar approach with the "verified purchase"; we want these reviews to be real and we're actually in the position to verify that the review is based only on the current ISP.
    Of course you could you start roaming coffee shops and open wifis to rate other providers, but the typical usage would isolate these cases out. 

    I have to admin, we're quite impressed with the amount of ratings and reviews that has been entered so far by users, and it definitely needs to be unlocked in the App: there's so much knowledge and experience and so many personal stories behind these ratings, that we must find a right way to show them in the App!

    I also think that "stories" are much more interesting that a single review: you have more interactions with an ISP than just an overall rating: you have stories about customer care interaction, about how smooth was the transition from another provider, how clear was the language. @FingLover do you think you'd add these kind of details, if asked in the App?