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I want to implement a VPN.  As a Norton Security user, I decided to give Norton Secure VPN a try.  While it seems to be relatively easy to configure and use, I am getting an average of 74% decrease in internet speeds.  Is this typical of all VPN solutions?  Seems like a steep price to pay.  I am also considering evaluating NordVPN, which seems to be the highest rated solution.  For users of NordVPN, what internet speed decreases are you seeing?
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    I am Not into VPNs right now, because of the reduced speeds, here isn't common just yet connection speeds past the 100Mbps so the VPN penalty feels higher.

    I have used Tunnel Bear, a bit till MCAfee buy it. Not bad, but the "geo blocks" wasn't overcome...

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    Lets see if any others have views on this one too! 
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    I haven't tried VPN lately precisely because of the dismally low connection speeds I experienced with the ones I tried.
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    not on my tool set.....
    I use  KeepSolid Unlimited VPN  https://www.vpnunlimitedapp.com/en got a life time for few bucks ( https://stacksocial.com/ ) and so far i'm really happy about service and speed.
    i've always on my device the Comodo SSL VPN just for a backup is enbedded on Comodo Security products
    and for give some more security i'm trying Brave with "in Private with TOR"  https://www.brave.com/

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    I'd personally stay away from NordVPN - I spent hours evaluating when one to go for and I really dislike their shady practises - like always having a "70% off sale" (I kid you not, the moment their offer countdown goes down to zero, a new one turns up in its place).

    In addition I read up on too many other issues with them (such as slower speeds, and just what did 'based in Panama' really mean when it came to the legalities).

    I ended up with ExpressVPN which works well for me. Consider the Speedtest results for me below (top entry is via the VPN, next is without the VPN).

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    I have a subscription to IP Vanish, which I use on my mobile and laptop when traveling. It is very secure, and doesn't seem to slow down the sluggish Hotel and airport WiFi systems I frequent. It does have a very well known set of IPs, so it is recognized and blacklisted by NetFlix and others, so I can't use it to watch shows when I'm out of the country.
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    To Pooh, thanks for your feedback, but I am not inclined to factor in marketing practices or company location in my choice.  I am more concerned with security, ease of use, and internet speeds.

    I have noticed that some web sites I try to access cannot be reached when VPN is turned on, which is an unfortunate complexity.  I have been without VPN for long enough without having experienced any significant security issues that one choice I can make is to completely forego using a VPN.
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    I’m using Ivacy which is also good. Maybe a 5 - 10% slow down.
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    I’m on Vodafone and though they have a VPN section on their router, ut doesn’t work. Also, in the past, it screws up my email. Outlook and google. It doesn’t seem to do that now but unless I put a VPN compatible router or raspberry pi in line, I can’t use the VPN on my full network.
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    I have always used IPvanish. With so many choices (VPNs) to choose from I just decided to pick one and stick with it. I have not travelled much with it but have had great success with it for home use. It is always enabled on my phone so I feel well protected.
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    Due to VPN companies limiting bandwidth, led me to build my own VPN out of a Raspberry PI.  I have absolutely no issues with bandwidth at all, firewall rules with QOS implementation makes sure of that.
    If you're in need of a VPN service, look for those that support gamers (high speeds, etc.) and most importantly the ones that will not log your traffic.  Big brother only needs to know what you're willing to tell him.
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    I use Private Internet Access (PIA). Most servers in my region support, or nearly support, my full bandwidth of 250mbps. It's also the most popular VPN provider of users at DEF-CON if that gives you any clue into their business practices.
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    Don’t let the website’s name put you off, but torrentfreak.com regularly updates the “best VPNs” based on criteria we’d be interested in (logs IPs, takes anonymity seriously , speed, cost etc ) - Then you can decide yourself. PIA has been at the top for several years now.

  • AustinJerryAustinJerry Member Posts: 29 ✭✭
    I have decided against implementing a VPN.  I subscribe to Norton360, which includes Norton’s VPN, and which can be toggled on and off.  With it on, the speed decrease penalty is more than I want to have.  And with the recent security breach at NordVPN, I question whether any solution is completely safe.  I don’t participate in social media platforms like Facebook, and never open suspicious emails.  Norton warns me if I access a potentially dangerous web site, and I occasionally get a pop-up notification that Norton has prevented a suspicious web re-direct.  So, I don’t feel that I am at enough risk to warrant the additional complexity of a VPN solution.  I appreciate the valuable feedback that everyone has provided.
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