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I cannot believe ive been a loyal customer since beore these devices officially went wide. If there is no direct support system in place for customers. I hope im missing it, and its not just a "hey, ya'll help each other out." I was on the virge of becoming a reseller to my customers and serviceing these devices but i dont think i can get over a lack of direct, official support. You are no longer a startup on kickstarter, and other legitimate businesses are expecting you to behave the same.


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    The community is staffed by Fing employees.

    @VioletChepil does a great job of creating ZenDesk tickets from user issues and @Robin frequently answers users issues directly. Even the father of Fing himself, @Carlo_from_Fing frequents these pages.

    Between them and the users I'm unsure at this juncture given their incredibly smell size, how else you expect then to operate.

    I for one feel there's more direct support here then pretty much any other product in my tech arsenal.

    In addition, did you even ask Fing if they wanted a reseller? Sorry, but it sounds like you arbitrarily decided all this then came here to moan. I'd have thought that had you been in direct negotiations with them then you'd have already been aware of all this.

    This is Just just my opinion anyway based upon the tone and tenor of your post.

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    Hi @mjwarner641 this community is managed by me! I've been a Fing employee for the last 5 years actually.
    We also have developers/support staff on here and super users like @Pooh. The benefit is that instead of waiting 48 hours for a response during UK business hours, members can get responses in a few minutes or hours even. 
    We start preliminary troubleshooting here and if required create a Zendesk ticket. Typically this may be required when a very specific investigation needs to take place. About 80-90% of questions can be answered here on the community.
    The benefit is that other users can learn from the information provided. 
    We also want the community to become a place where anyone can go for smart home troubleshooting and help with devices. 
    Anyways, if you need help with anything specific - feel free to ask us as a new question or discussion. 

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    Hello @mjwarner641 welcome to the forums where dedicated Fing employees and able-bodied and quite knowledgeable people volunteer their time and skills to assist with nearly "all things technical" whether it's directly related to Fing app, or Fingbox.
    What issues are you currently experiencing?  How can we help you have a better experience with Fing products?
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    @mjwarner641, this forum is a community of like minded Fing users.  The fact that a few of us supplement the Fing staff is strictly an individual volunteer effort.  Speaking for myself, its because I like the product and community, been involved with Fing for years which came out of discovering the Fing app for a specific need and now wanting to help out others.  

    I have had issues with their products over the years and have had nothing but good experiences with their direct support, even before this community was formed.  Fing is not the first vendor with a community but most of those have a community to compensate for their support model, Linksys comes to mind with out of warranty support where the community is key.  In Fing’s case, this supplements but does not replace what support is already in place.
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    Absolutely here to help anytime. This is an amazing group of Fing professionals where together, we can solution any problems 😉

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