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I had already asked this question on facebook, I take advantage of the launch of the community to relaunch the subject here :-).

I have a mesh Nighthawk X6S (Netgear EX8000) wifi repeater that the fingbox recognizes as 3 different devices, would it be possible to implement a function that would allow us to group these devices under a single device in the fingbox list?


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    Thanks for recommending this. We have to prioritize things based on demand but definetly you can make feature requests in the Fingbox discussions board. I moved this conversation over from Fing App. 
    Let's see if any others are requesting this feature. @Lee_Bo @KayJay - anything to add about this feature? 

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    Very similar thing here.  Fing sees my Ubiquity router and both mesh access points, but identifies them as three devices.  Let me play around with this and see if I can work something out.  However, it may not be possible since, technically, they are three different devices all with an IP address.
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    Thank you for your feedback.

    At home, on all three devices one has an IP address, the other two are marked as "off the network" by my fingbox and have no ip allocated.