WiFi 6

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I’ve started reading up on the new and upcoming WiFi standard, WiFi 6.  The link goes to a summary article on what it is from wired.com. It seems like A limited number of products have been announced and those coming out will support backwards compatibility. @Robin or @VioletChepil, any thoughts on it from FIng’s perspective?  Community, what do you think.
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    Interesting to hear if any others have thoughts on WiFi6 from the Fing Team. I've just read up a bit and seems interesting! 

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    Time for a Fingbox v3 ?  :D
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    I understand WiFi 6 adds efficiency for example, devices don't have to keep checking in. This is helpful when you have a lot of Smart devices like electrical receptacles and light switches. It would be so awesome if Fing could scan you WiFi 6 network and be able to tell what devices are WiFi 6 compatible or are using WiFi 6. I know that My WiFi 6 router is backward compatible but my goal is to put all WiFi 6 compatible devices on the WiFi 6 network only. Thank you.