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Hi there. Is there an update timeline for what's to come for the Fingbox? I saw in another post lots of requests for a revision list, but I would like to see a list for things to come. Then maybe a sticky or thread created for discussions about it. Shoot, maybe even implement beta testing future updates if that is a thing.


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    Hi @Krejar
    Thanks for your question and here are a few more answers. 
    Company timeline/roadmap:
    We have here a company timeline which we drafted last week: 
    This shares more on our immediate company plans in the months ahead. 
    We do not have anything more concrete to share at this very point in time. 
    Fingbox feature requests/ideas
    you can post those in the Fingbox category for now. We're still working on the feasibility of moving ideas through assessment process and into action. Once this flow/process is achievable we can make more requests for feature ideation.
    I hope this make sense but if any clarity is needed do let me know!

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