I am looking to purchase a new smart phone - advice please :)

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Hi All, my current phone is coming to end of days and I am looking to get a new phone and would love any advice, things to look out for, value etc. My phone usage is quite basic: some fitness apps, spotify, youtube, social media apps etc. A decent camera would be good (but doesnt have to be high spec), decent storage and of course cost effective. Any ideas on makes/models? I was recommended a Huawei phone by a friend, but not sure, any concerns I should be aware of? Thanks in advance :)

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    Personally I'd start away from Huawei - too much unknown baggage.

    Since you sound like the sorta man who likes to keep his phones a while, I'd recommend a Pixel 3a myself.

    Moto G7s are budget friendly but I question support...

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    After having multiple Samsung Note 4s in the family for quiet a few years and finding them just plain excellent.

    We thought about pixel seriously for a while but in the end switched to Note 9, why, we found it impossible to buy high quality batteries for the note 4 and we wanted improved signal performance to allow switching telcos in rural area.

    I would strongly advise Note 9 or 10, probably the best phones made. Battery life and performance fantastic.

    Though, I still consider the Note 4 the perfect size.



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    Cheers @Pooh, the Pixel 3A is one that will last yes? Yes, based on some media posts (though I havent dug in too deep on the validity of them in relation to this), I am unsure about Huawei. It is sometimes hard to really confirm what is genuine and what is not from these reports, hence, I thought it would be good to get a 'feel' from the community in relation to this. Thanks for the advice :) 
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    Being a Google phone you’re going to get 3 years of updates guaranteed. It’s a tish bit more expensive than other cheaper Android devices, but it seems pretty solid.

    The One PlusT is arguably a better phone, with more features and decent support, but it's also more expensive. For me, the best bang for your € is gonna be the Pixel 3a.

    That's this bears' opinion anyhow...

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    @Andrea @Idroy @kltaylor @Marc @adam @Stratt3000 - anything to add on this one?

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    well i'm in love of my Samsung Notes 9 but is quite exspensive. my backup phone is a LG K40 and i've in home a Wiko View2 ( and is my second Wiko) , if you do outdoor sport maybe a rugged mobile can be and option like the Blackview.
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    @Andrea - aren't LG running something like a year behind on their updates? Has the K40 even got Pie yet?
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    Pooh said:
    @Andrea - aren't LG running something like a year behind on their updates? Has the K40 even got Pie yet?

    not yet  btu LG say will be updated this october
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    I've had good success with Google, ASUS, and Motorola phones, I buy mine through Amazon and I make sure that they are 'unlocked' so that you're not locked into any one carrier.
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    Looks like you all have hit the high points...  My advice would be that whichever vendor you choose, look at their history and make sure they follow up with new android builds soon after Google releases them.  That is a good indication of how long you can continue to use the phone safely as well as enjoy all the new features Google introduces.  Now a days most of the top tier Android handset manufacturer do....
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    Brilliant stuff all, thank you for all of the above. Plenty to take away and consider when purchasing this weekend. Ill keep you posted on my decision :)
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    Hey @VioletChepil, I hope all is well. I've been an LG user up until just this past month actually I started with the G3, had the G5 & G6 and I can say anything bad about the brand honestly. The G6 had an amazing camera compared to others of it's class when it first came out. I had an opportunity to grab a Huawei P30 however just recently and I'm soooo in love!

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    Hey @Stratt3000, thanks for the information. Coincidentally, I actually went for the P30 in the end. Still very new to it but loving it so far :smile:
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