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  • Which access point used by a device

    I have a power line range adapter which works surprisingly well. What I need to know is whether a particular device on the network is using my main router or is logged in through the range extender. … (View Post)
  • What is the best front door / Doorbell cameras?

    Hi All, I am new to the community and it looks great. I have recently bought a new house and for security reasons I am looking to purchase a camera for my front door. I would love some advise on reco… (View Post)
  • Fing Desktop Beta for Windows and macOS - claim your seat!

    Hello all, Just a quick note that we're now recruiting for the Fing Desktop Beta for Windows and macOS. This is a closed beta with limited seats and so I'd urge all community members interested in pa… (View Post)
  • Android Auto Update

    (Source) Android Auto v4.8 is ready to add app drawer customization and persistent weather The latest update to Android Auto is making the rounds and it's potentially a pretty major update, even if i… (View Post)
  • How-To Remove Backdoor Trojan Ports 12345 & 123456

    Fing Android app TCP scan found Backdoor Trojan Ports 12345 & 123456? An online search at a .org security site, a URL I cannot recall, says the Trojan is a malicious full-fledged keylogger+. What… (View Post)
  • How to tell if a device is using my network to gain personal or financial information.

    How do I tell if someone is using my network in a way to gain personal or financial information? I gave someone I’m just becoming friends with my WiFi password. They are currently on my network. I do… (View Post)
  • Say goodbye to Fitbit...

    (Source) It's official: Alphabet's (NASDAQ:GOOG) (NASDAQ:GOOGL) Google is buying fitness tracker and smartwatch company Fitbit (NYSE:FIT) for $2.1 billion. The deal, announced on Nov. 1, validated ru… (View Post)
  • Affordable network testing?

    In the thread “Network Cabling worth upgrading?” There are some very useful comments raising things to be considered before contemplating cable/switch/equipment upgrading. Fing offers network scannin… (View Post)
  • Open Ports?

    I have protected my network (UK) as best I know how to. Here is the thing? Whenever my partner uses a Samsung phone, give to her by friends from Turkey, it opens 4 ports. I then get a waring from Fin… (View Post)
  • Ubiquiti Hardware: Where can I learn about VLANs, sub-netting and firewall scripting?

    I'm living in a large, old stone house and my plain vanilla network is reaching capacity with more than 240 devices. I have FIOS and the Verizon "Quantum Gateway" hooked up to a 48 port Ubi… (View Post)