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  • New Fing Desktop Version 1.2.0

    (Image) Hi All, Today we have released a new version of Fing Desktop, Version 1.2.0. The new release includes: * NEW! Added Insight view mode to visualize and explore discovered network from a new an… (View Post)
  • Hackers Hijack Routers to Spread Malware Via Coronavirus Apps

 The router DNS hijacking attacks have targeted more than a thousand victims with the Oski info-stealing malware. 
 Cybercriminals are hijacking r… (View Post)
  • Re: Furry and non furry friends... Post your pet

    Oh my goodness. This is just too cute @Marc Here are my little ones too. The little one is as naughty as she looks. (For example; I ordered pizza last week, the doorbell rang and when I returned she … (View Post)
  • Fing Desktop - NEW RELEASE Version 1.1.0

    (Image) Hi All, Today we have released a new version of Fing Desktop, Version 1.1.0. The new release includes: * NEW! Mute warnings: it’s now possible to dismiss known/undesired warnings on specific … (View Post)

    (Image) HAPPY ST. PATRICKS DAY EVERYBODY! It will probably be one of the quietest St Patrick's day in history...but the main thing is that people are looking after themselves & others. Anybody th… (View Post)
  • Re: Unable to unblock

    Hi All, On a recent release of the iOS app we experienced a bug in relation to blocking/unblocking. With the help of our members (, w… (View Post)
  • Fing 9.0 - Beta testing is open

    Dear all. We're happy to start beta testing with the community Fing 9 - a brand new way to access all Fing functionalities you love! We are eager to hear about your testing experience, how long it to… (View Post)
  • February 2020 Member of the Month - @Albert

    (Image) Hi All Please join me in congratulating , @Albert who was the member of the month for February 2020. Since joining the Community, @Albert has been particularily active. Both in supporting oth… (View Post)
  • Help with open ports on devices

    Hello all, Just going through the normal network check, you know, to freak myself out and confuse myself so I think I'm being spied on. I noticed something, probably not of concern, but I'm totally b… (View Post)
  • I'm going to be a Dad - advise on Tech for Newborns/parents

    (Image) Hi All, Over the coming days/weeks, I am expecting the birth of my 1st child, exciting times. As well as the practical day to day baby care products, I am looking at what technology I should … (View Post)