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  • Re: Polite notice: Posting tips and community etiquette

    @VioletChepil tagging I find hit and miss when I'm posting. There's been many a time when I've been trying to create a tag that I've ended up accidentally submitting as opposed to creating the tag du… (View Post)
  • Vlan support

    Hi, I believe that one of the functions that fing should implement is the control of the VLANs present in the network to which it is connected. This feature is more and more used by savvy users/nerds… (View Post)
  • Alerts Update: Not receiving email for any alerts.

    Hi All, I hope you are doing fine. Issue: Many users in the community have been reporting that email alerts have been disabled. Q: Do we need Fing Premium in order to Access E-mail Alerts now? No, Al… (View Post)
  • Wi Fi Map

    I have a wifi router and 3 other access points (Powerline). I love the way Fing lets you test the network speed at a particular position on a particular device, but wouldn’t it be useful to be able t… (View Post)
  • Re: Fingbox & Fing Desktop integration

    Another upvote for this. Fingbox owners should have some added functionality in the Desktop version. Because we're special :-) (View Post)
  • Alternative to IFTTT

    Have there been any thoughts on alternatives to the IFTTT integration? I use it to manage my smartthings presence for my 4 family members. With ifttt limiting free accounts to 3 automations, it will … (View Post)
  • Re: Fingbox & Fing Desktop integration

    I have the same suggestion. I see different networks and or devices on my desktop , fingbox or android phone. That's rather confusing. (View Post)
  • Re: Fingbox & Fing Desktop integration

    This dovetails with my idea that there should be full feature-parity across all Fing software products (i.e. #FingDesktop & #FingApp) If a user is on their desktop, there is no reason they should… (View Post)

    So the local API is not coming to FingBox? Doesn’t make sense to run a Desktop version when I already have hardware that will do the job. (View Post)
  • FING for Synology NAS?

    I wish there was an application to install on the Synology NAS that would connect your network to FING and help monitor both LAN/WAN/WiFi in real-time.Would anyone else find that useful? (View Post)